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Matt is amazing! He is so knowledgeable and spends time understanding what is important to you. He is so patient and walked us through the process start to finish. We rescued our Duke at 9 mos old and although he was super sweet, he ran out the front door, jumped on visitors and was all over our furniture. He was able to break all of these habits in just a few weeks. Highly recommend!!!
Angela Morris
Matt and staff at Tame are awesome! We brought him our two dogs, one who was quite a handful. We did the 17 day board and train program and both dogs are so much more well behaved, can walk next to us and with the kids, and can obey commands. We also used Tame for boarding when we were on vacation and Matt was able to reinforce training while the dogs were there. We have already recommended him to several friends.
Nathan Laughlin
Rylie and Oscar
Matt Gamin and his team have forever changed our lives as pet owners. I have an almost 9 yrs pit bull that lost his best friend last year due to old age. He's been pretty good but suffers with anxiety. In January 2020 I rescued a American Bull dog of the streets. His body was a tale of all the aggression he had been through. Anxiety and aggression is scary is a household, especially with children. The boys went to Matt for the 17 day training/boarding option at the end of February--- results were and are exceptional. Well beyond our expectations. Both we and our children are able to command our boys. They no longer fight, even snuggle together some. With >90% of the anxiety gone, our oldest seems happier then he has in years. We did our first in home follow up with Matt yesterday and I think we got an 'A'. He was pleased to see how happy and well behaved the boys are here. We did a quick tune up on not going out the doors of the home unless invited- the boys and the humans did great:) We will be sharing our story and TAME with everyone. He has taught us and our daughters tools that will forever be apart of our home. I honestly thank Matt every day in my head for the warmth now felt in our home. Any dog we bring home down the road will be trained by Matt. I've already sent a client who is every bit as happy as I am. Consider TAME for your puppy, your rescue, your senior, your new environment, your new baby, or whatever it may be. Matt and his team will not let you down. They love their jobs and love to see their success!
Corey Peirsol
Brody and Booger
Matt and his staff are awesome! My husband and I scheduled the 17 day program for both of our small dogs. Before training Sophie and Riley were barking at everything that moved, difficult to walk on a leash, had problems potty training and did not listen very well. Wow, what a difference the training made. Matt even helped to train my husband and I too. 😉 Riley and Sophie are so much better behaved. Our home life is much calmer and happier now! I highly recommend Tame Dog Training!
Katie Joerg
Riley and Sophie
When I originally reached out to TAME Dog Training I was in major distress. We were hours away from having to fly out of town for a wedding I was in, and our dog ended up biting the pet sitter who came to our house! Not only was I stranded with a dog that no one would board, but I was also realizing that if we couldn't get this fixed, we were looking at having to rehome our beloved pet. I contacted Matt and he took our Frenchie in, happy to help and not the least bit intimidated or perturbed by our dog's aggression issues. Since completing his doggie bootcamp with TAME Dog Training, we are now able to have visitors at our door, guests in our home, and walks with our pup -- all WITHOUT having to fear for his or others safety!! If you're at your wits end, don't give up on your fur baby, take them to TAME and they'll set it right. We're so thankful we did!
Kaitlin Swartz
We took our sweet Maggie to Matt and it was the best decision we could’ve made. Not only did he teach her everything we wanted her to learn, we felt totally 100 percent confident that Maggie was being well taken care of. She was at TAME for 8 nights and Matt checked in multiple times with photos putting me at total ease that our baby was happy and healthy. This is PRICELESS to me. Not to mention how knowledgeable Matt is. We will be taking Maggie back for formal dog training when she is 6 months old and I know she will be the best doggy on earth because of it! Thank you TAME dog training for everything.
Taylor Kastan
The Dockery Family is truly thankful for Tame Dog Training! We loved our family dog but he was uncontrollable. It was difficult for us to have people over due to him jumping on people. We couldn’t walk him because he pulled us all over the neighborhood. After spending two weeks with Matt our Ace came back a totally different dog. We take him everywhere with us now because he is so well mannered. Ace is truly part of our family now and we are so grateful for the great dog training he received from Matt!
Amy Dockery
I was desperate to find someone who could train my little 5 year old Shih Tzu, Duffy, a rescue from a neighbor who was going to take this dog to the “pound”. Duffy’s vocal cords were cut to prevent barking in his first home, an apartment. He learned to bite to get his way. Duffy would have been put down at “the pound”. I could not let that happen. The bites were shocking and hurtful! The first trainer I tried changed Duffy’s behavior around her, but did not give me any tools or training to make a difference in our home. Finding Matt with Tame Dog Training was an Internet miracle. Our interview with Matt convinced me that Duffy and I would learn the boundaries and rules. Duffy boarded at Matt’s training program for two weeks. My anxiety was helped by the pictures and videos that Matt sent in his progress reports. Duffy still had a problem with my husband after the first stay. Matt’s one home visit corrected that. We have not had any problems since then. We have taken Duffy back for boarding when I have had to go out of town and felt so comfortable knowing Duffy was in good hands and getting more training. Duffy will never be a cuddle buddy, but he now shows his love and respect. This has changed our lives. We are a happy family.
Lue Taff
What do I recommend about Tame Dog Training? All of it! We found Matt online and were intrigued by all the good reviews. We talked to him multiple times – he is a very patient person! He talked us through his process; answered our million questions; and gave us so much info before we even committed to booking with him. It’s clear that he has a passion for training dogs. All of his methods are well thought out, and all of the tools he uses are 100% safe for the dogs. Most are pretty simple too – which we liked because it makes them easier to use when you continue training at home. We decided to go with 1 week of training for Rico and 2 weeks for Hammond. Our issues were mainly the dogs not listening; running the fence; jumping on us; and pulling on leashes. We (us and Matt) really felt like we needed to establish a dominance in order. They had also gotten into a couple of scuffles that we wanted to stop before they escalated, mostly over toys and food but at times what we felt was unpredictable. From the time we dropped off Hammond we were extremely comfortable. Matt is obviously a dog lover. He’s patient with them, but stern enough that they are going to learn while they’re there and retain it afterwards. He really tailored both Hammond and Rico’s trainings to their personality. After 1 week we dropped off Rico and got to see Hammond’s progress, and were already impressed. When we came back to get Rico we were amazed – our dogs weren’t pulling on leashes; they were calm; they would stay in “place” for long periods of time; and even with treats and food thrown on the ground didn’t get assertive or upset with one another. Their behaviors were so much improved. We took them home along with all the equipment we got from Matt and have been really impressed. They went to training in June, so we have seen that what they learned stuck with them (as I write this in October). Matt never promises a “utopia” – which is totally fair. He can’t control the dogs or what we hold them to or don’t when we come home. But, he follows up incredibly well. He has contacted us multiple times to offer follow up sessions and make sure we are happy with the training we received – and we are! I highly recommend Tame Dog Training for your dog, whether you need a little training or something more extensive! Matt’s prices are what they are for a reason – he delivers.
Katrina Neal
Rico and Hammond
We have a brand new dog! Before Matt's program, our dog (Clemmie) would lash out at strangers due to insecurity. She was scared of most noises and new places. Matt, the owner of Tame Dog Training transformed Clemmie in 17 days. I was skeptical that Clemmie could be ridded of her old habits and insecurities, yet she has a brand new, bold personality. Clemmie now stays with me during the day at my office and greets new clients, as well as walks near busy Dallas streets with ease. The most important part of Matt's training is what a good teacher he is to humans. He helped us understand how dogs communicate by inviting us to his business for hands on training with Clemmie. Matt also offered reading materials as well as follow up classes for us and the dog after the program ended. He really goes above and beyond and I would recommend his class to any dog owner. Thank you so much, Matt!
Lane Hammilton
I brought my service dog in training Breelynn, to Matt at 8 months old with a lot of puppy behaviors. A month later I was able to take her in public with trust that she would walk beside me calmly, sit under a table in restaurants without any misbehaving, and has set her to eagerly follow commands! We have even continued to build off of the solid foundation that Tame Dog Training has provided and Breelynn is now walking in public sometimes without a leash and has learned to carry things for me all before even 1 year old. I couldn’t give a better recommendation for a wonderful dog trainer!!!
Tamar Jo Burr
Words cannot describe the difference in our Airedale’s behavior. If we had looked for several years, we would not have found a more knowledgeable “dog and dog owner whisperer.” Matt is the entire package because when it comes to training it is not just the animal that needs to be trained, the owners need to be trained as well. Matt was able to determine the things that Beau needed, as far as training was concerned. He offered tips on training and how to have your dog respond with urgency to your commands. Matt also offers information that is extremely helpful for the overall health and nutrition of your dog. We are blessed to have Matt as a resource to make subsequent training adjustments in our home environment. These words do not do justice to our experience with Matt! We love him
Valerie Krause
Matt is a dog guru! We finally said 'yes' to getting a dog. Enter Blitz, 4 months old, adorable German Shepherd, very well-tempered from the beginning. Our concern was how to not fail him as a family and how best to incorporate him into our lives, not the other way around! That's where Tame Dog Training came in. Highly recommended by some good friends, Matt met Blitz at our home and worked with us on the basics of creating structure until Blitz was old enough for his Board and Train session. After which, our pup came home focused, able to sit on his 'place' for 30 mins, and ready to continue learning. We feel like we have the happiest, trained dog in the neighborhood thanks to Tame Dog Training. Matt's knowledge about how and why dogs behave and learn is invaluable. He's a wizard at creating and teaching the structure upon which dogs develop and thrive. Soak it up, it's a crash course in psychology and you and your dog will be all the better for it.
John Doe
Tame Dog did an amazing job with our Labradoodle Zoe. The two week session has truly changed our lives. Zoe now plays under control in the front yard, is a joy to walk and even potties on command! Matt knows his stuff and is a true professional. Zoe no longer jumps on strangers and Matt’s methods and tools even has our kids involved in her training. I could not recommend this service more.
Tom Williamson
I've had a great experience with Matt and Tame Dog Training! Really had good results when I got Silas back, and Matt has continued to follow-up with me to make sure I fully understand how to use the training at home every day. Super excited to keep getting closer with Silas. I can trust that he will listen to me when we are out and about. He is less anxious and seems like a happier, healthier dog.
Jessica Cheek
I have a rescue german shepherd that had a history of aggression with both people and dogs. After a couple incidents, I began to worry this dog was going to be too much for me. I was nervous introducing him to people and other dogs and never thought I'd be comfortable off leash in public with him. Two weeks after getting him back, my feelings have completely changed. I now feel like I can take Buster anywhere and have complete control and confidence with him. Matt's training has been a blessing for Buster and me, and I can't recommend him enough. I'm able to do things with my dog I never thought would be possible and our bond has grown even stronger. The one-on-one sessions with Matt gave me the ability to train and work with Buster myself and it is incredibly rewarding seeing the results. Also Matt has continued to have great communication and taking time to fully explain things anytime I've had a question. It is evident how much he cares about clients and their dogs and I believe his training was truly the best investment for Buster and me.
J.B. Sumner
Matt is amazing. Ivan, our German Sheppard, was extremely aggressive. He had bit a stranger who was passing by our home unprovoked. We had consulted with a few other dog trainers after the event and none would work with our dog. Some had suggested that we put Ivan down. We thought that there was no hope for him and that we would just have to not have people come to our home EVER. We would be anxious even opening the front door on our way out, afraid that he would escape and bite someone. It was THAT bad. When we would walk Ivan, he would growl and even try to attack children and even old ladies. It was scary. We honestly had given up hope. After training and staying with Matt for 2 weeks, Ivan was a different dog. We are able to walk him in public. Give him baths in Petco's self service dog wash. Walk him in the park, and once, at an outdoor mall! Amazing! Matt delivers results.
Dianne F

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