Dog Training Programs

Tame’s Board and Train program includes:

  • Engagement and Motivation
  • Teaching associative learning
  • Positive, and negative reinforcement
  • Non-reinforcement
  • Wireless communication
  • Tactile feedback
  • Affection
  • Correction to discourage and eliminate unwanted behavior
  • Pressure, proximity and distance

We always treat each dog with respect and dignity. Tame differentiates our training from other programs through our ability to improve the overall health and well-being of dogs. We love to exercise and work the dogs, but we also enjoy letting dogs run, play, and be themselves. Having a dog is fun, but having a dog off-leash and under control creates a wider variety of experiences, resulting in better relationships between people and their dogs.

We establish a foundation of obedience and train the dog to perform this way in various environments regardless of distractions. Alongside our responsibility to treat every dog with respect, we teach dogs to be obedient, creating life-saving boundaries for the dog and people.
We work with all types of dog breeds, temperaments and ages. In working with the full spectrum of dogs, we use varying degrees of reward and correction customized to each dog.

Dogs are capable of loving healthy relationships with people. Tame provides a great environment that establishes practical boundaries such as staying inside while the door is open, respond and return off leash, remain calm in exciting situations, and be well behaved around all people.

We have a responsibility to uplift dogs and treat them with an abundance of respect. All of our training methods and strategies work to improve the overall health and well-being of dogs.

Dog Training Equipment

Our tools makes it easy for you to continually reinforce a positive, healthy relationship with your dogs. Our core equipment package includes:

  • Food/treats
  • Toys
  • Leash and prong collar*
  • Wireless collar* (only included in 2 week or more)
  • Crate
  • Place mat*
  • Compressed air*
  • Bonker*
  • Muzzles

*Equipment included for customers to take home

Dog Training Customer Service

Tame prides ourselves on clearly and transparently communicating with our clients. Dog training is uncharted territory for pet owners, so we make every effort to simplify the process and make sure that we fully explain every aspect of our training. Communication is imperative when interacting with dogs, but we believe it is even more important when interacting with our clients. We provide clients with in-person, hands on instructional sessions. Tame designs these in-person instructional sessions to enable clients to use all of the strategies and equipment exactly as we do. You will be able to reward, correct and love your dog in a way that encourages your dog to obey commands in the house, outside and off-leash. We stay connected. We schedule a follow up phone consultation after your final in-home instructional session, and we encourage clients to call Tame with any and all questions or concerns. We also maintain a social media presence that makes ongoing communication with Tame very easy. If any of the strategies or tools do not work as designed, then Tame will provide additional instruction customized to your specific at-home situation.

What Tame Dog Training is Not

Tame offers Board and Train programs that establish a baseline of off-leash obedience in dogs. It is expected that owners maintain daily relationships with their dogs to reinforce this foundational behavior. Tame’s Board and Train program does not include the following types of training:

  • Protection/guard
  • Agility
  • Search and Rescue
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