About Tame Dog Training | Serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

What is Tame Dog Training

Tame Dog Training specializes in fully functional off-leash dog training. Through a variety of tools and training methods we create healthy human to dog relationships that decrease frustration and enhances enjoyment of your dog.

We establish a foundation of obedience and train the dog to perform this way in various environments regardless of distractions. Alongside our responsibility to treat every dog with respect, we teach dogs to be obedient, creating life-saving boundaries for the dog and people.

We work with all types of dog breeds, temperaments and ages. In working with the full spectrum of dogs, we use varying degrees of reward and correction customized to each dog.

Dogs are capable of loving healthy relationships with people. Tame provides a great environment that establishes practical boundaries such as staying inside while the door is open, respond and return off leash, remain calm in exciting situations, and be well behaved around all people.

We have a responsibility to uplift dogs and treat them with an abundance of respect. All of our training methods and strategies work to improve the overall health and well-being of dogs.

About TAME’s Dog Trainers

Matt Ganim, Tame Dog Training owner and lead trainer, was inspired to practice dog behavior modification by his dad, a cognitive and behavioral psychologist. His dad demonstrated that combining contingent punishment with appropriate positive reinforcement produces incredible behavioral outcomes in people. His dad’s clear thinking and communication about behavior modification led Matt to explore contingent punishment and appropriate positive reinforcement with dogs.

Matt’s interest peaked 10 years ago when he noticed friends and family harshly correcting and inappropriately praising their dogs, which seemed to increase their pets jumping on people, not coming when called, and generally behaving uncontrolled. Knowing that dogs naturally will conform to order, he started practicing behavior modification on every dog he could get his hands on, including his own, to find a solution.

After realizing his calling to improve the relationships of owners and their dogs, Matt studied and traveled to learn from some of the most highly successful dog trainers in the United States. Some of the trainers Matt has travled to study under are: Jeff Gellman with Solid K9 Training, Sean O’Shea with The Good Dog, Larry Krohn with Pak Masters, and Gary Wilkes with Click and Treat (Gary started clicker training for dogs). After investing thousands of hours working with dogs, Matt launched Tame. He has organized a system that collaboratively weaves the nature of dogs into the routine of people.

Working with dogs and people is incredibly rewarding because of the connection that people form with animals. That is what led Matt to create a system that builds a genuine and realistic bond between people and their dogs.